Mount Kailash Tour Tips

Mount Kailash tour cost

Mount Kailash tour is one of demanding tours for travelers from all over the world. Mount Kailash is a holy pilgrimage site for people of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon faiths. Every year, thousands of travelers do a trekking to Mount Kailash. Besides,Mount Kailash tour cost includes six main parts: Tibet permits, tour guide, Vehicle, Accommodation, Meals, and Entrance fee. We list the Mount Kailash tour cost in detail as below:

Tibet permits fees If you want to go for a Mount Kailash tour, you need to apply for three documents including Tibet travel permit, Alien's Travel Permit, and Military Permit. Tibet travel permit is the necessary certificate for you to enter Tibet. You need to check it before you board and take the train to Lhasa. When applying for an Alien's Travel Permit in Shigatse, 50 RMB/person is charged. Although Tibet travel permit and Military Permit are free, because Tibet travel agencies need a lot of organization work and time to get the two documents, the…


CAUSES OF ALTITUDE SICKNESS, TIBET Mountain scenes in Tibet are indeed breathtaking, and as you reach some higher altitudes in Tibet, the barometric pressure is likely to decrease. So, every time you breathe in higher elevation areas, you are likely to inhale some molecules of oxygen causing you to increase your breath to get the level of oxygen needed. However, this mostly happens when you begin to walk up to any hill. Moreover, at a lower altitude, the shortness in the level of oxygen needed do resolve itself soon after taking some rests, which is not so in areas with high altitude.Moreover, as the level of oxygen in your lungs decreases, so also the blood reduces and becomes less efficient to transport or acquire the needed oxygen. So, no matter how you try to breathe faster or increase your breathe, you are not likely to attain the needed oxygen level.Though everyone reacts differently to this, yet anybody can get AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) even those who have lots of high-altit…

Ultimate Tibet Tour Guide

Tibet, the ultimate tour destination, attracts thousands of travelers from home and abroad. I believe that most travelers want to plan a tour in Tibet to explore the beauty of this grand Tibetan plateau. Therefore, in order to help you have a wonderful time in Tibet, I searched a lot of information about how to plan a tour in Tibet. Here is a complete ultimate Tibet tour guide.

Where to Stay?

Normally, Lhasa is the first destination for travelers to get to Tibet. Staying in Lhasa city is a good choice because you are close to the scenic spots. As far as I am concerned, booking a guesthouse is better than booking a hotel. There are several reasons. Firstly, the room style in the guesthouse is like its in a hotel, including single room, King size bedroom, standard room, family room, and so on. Secondly, it is a good place for travelers to gather. You can make more new friends here. And you can share and gain lots of travel tips with each other. Thirdly, you can save some money when book…

Tibet Weather in December

Normally, travelers plan a tour in Tibet in the peak tourist season from April to October. Because they believe that it is the warmest period in Tibet, and winter is too cold to travel. On the contrary, Tibetan winter is not as cold as your imagination. Thanks to the high altitude, dry climate, and bright sunlight, winter is also a warm season in Tibet. Now, it has enter December. What's the weather like in this month? Here are some details about the weather in Tibetan December.

Now, it is warm, sunny, and dry. In the daytime, the highest temperature is about 9 °C. At night, the minimum temperature is only about -9 °C. The average precipitation is 0 mm. And the relative humidity is about 71%. Due to the strong sunlight, you should take some sunhat, sunglasses, sun cream, lipstick, etc. Due to the big difference in the temperature in the daytime and the night, you should take some clothes like coats, sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves, warm shoes. If you travel to Tibet in winter, yo…

How to Get to Tibet from Russia

Located in the north of China, Russia has a close relationship with China in many aspects, such as the economy, politics, culture, and so on. According to the record, the culture in Russia was deeply influenced by Chinese culture, especially by Tibetan Buddhism. That’s why there are lots of people in Russia has a belief in Buddhism. Even the national flag of Russia is similar to one of the sect schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Every year, lots of Russians travel to Tibet to do kora and pray. In order to help travelers get to Tibet from Russia successfully, I make a list about how to get to Tibet from Russia. Wish you have a wonderful time in Tibet.

At present, travelers can get to Tibet from China or Nepal by air, train, or overland. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some details about ways to Tibet from Russia.

Traveling to Tibet from China

If you travel to from China, you need to apply for the Chinese Visa firstly. Because you are not allowed to travel to Tibet alo…

Climb Mount Everest

What is the main reason for travelers to plan a tour in Tibet? Someone may say that they are interested in the attractive natural scenery, while others may say that they are curious about the Tibetan culture. For me, the main reason to travel to Tibet is to climb the highest mountain - Mt Everest. As we all known, Tibet is surrounded by high mountains. There are lots of famous mountains in Tibet, such as Mt Kailash, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu Makalu, etc. Among those grand mountains, Mt Everest like a shining pearl scattered in the high Tibetan Plateau. With the high altitude of 8847 meters, Mt Everest is the hardest mountain to climb. Conquering Mt Everest means you should overcome lots of difficulties such as changeable climate, low oxygen content, heavy snows, high altitude sickness, etc.

Facts of Mt Everest

Mt Everest is situated in the border of Tibet and Nepal. According to the document, Mt Everest has more than 60 million years' history. It is regarded as a sacred mountain by …

Namcha Barwa Mountain

Located in the Himalayas Ranges, Tibet is a mountainous region in the southwest of China. Traveling to Tibet has become an ultimate dream for travelers in the world, especially for those who are interested in risks and adventure. Because of the motion of plates, there are lots of high mountains soaring into the sky, like Mt Everest - the highest mountain in the world, Mt Kailash - the center of the world, Namcha Barwa - the most attractive mountain on the planet, and so on. Today, I’d like to share introduce the splendid Namcha Barwa to you.

Let me show the ID Card of Namcha Barwa to you. Namcha Barwa means “The Soaring Lance into the Sky”, “Burning Flame”, “Heaven in the Clouds” in the Tibetan language. When mentioned which mountain is the most beautiful in China, Namcha Barwa should be on the list. In fact, there are three most beautiful mountains in China. The first is the Yangmaiyong Snow Mountains in Yading, Sichuan. The second is the Meili Snow Mountains in Yunnan. The third is…

How to travel to Tibet

In most travelers’ opinion, Tibet is a land of snow which is hard to get. With an average altitude of four thousand meters, Tibet is surrounded by high mountains. Compared to the past, travelers have more ways to travel to Tibet. At present, there are three main ways for tourists to get to Tibet. The first way is to take a flight, the second way is to take a train, and the third way is to take an overland tour. Tourists from other countries can enter Tibet from the mainlands of China or Nepal.

From Mainlands of China

There are some major cities for travelers to get to Tibet from China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xining, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, etc. When foreigners arrive in China, they can take both train and flight.

Taking a train to Tibet is the primary choice for most travelers. Since the opening of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in 2006, the number of passengers is increasing day by day. Tibet train is famous for the charming scenery along the railway. Running o…