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Mount Kailash tour cost

Mount Kailash tour is one of demanding tours for travelers from all over the world. Mount Kailash is a holy pilgrimage site for people of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon faiths. Every year, thousands of travelers do a trekking to Mount Kailash. Besides,Mount Kailash tour cost includes six main parts: Tibet permits, tour guide, Vehicle, Accommodation, Meals, and Entrance fee. We list the Mount Kailash tour cost in detail as below:

Tibet permits fees If you want to go for a Mount Kailash tour, you need to apply for three documents including Tibet travel permit, Alien's Travel Permit, and Military Permit. Tibet travel permit is the necessary certificate for you to enter Tibet. You need to check it before you board and take the train to Lhasa. When applying for an Alien's Travel Permit in Shigatse, 50 RMB/person is charged. Although Tibet travel permit and Military Permit are free, because Tibet travel agencies need a lot of organization work and time to get the two documents, the…

Namcha Barwa Mountain

Located in the Himalayas Ranges, Tibet is a mountainous region in the southwest of China. Traveling to Tibet has become an ultimate dream for travelers in the world, especially for those who are interested in risks and adventure. Because of the motion of plates, there are lots of high mountains soaring into the sky, like Mt Everest - the highest mountain in the world, Mt Kailash - the center of the world, Namcha Barwa - the most attractive mountain on the planet, and so on. Today, I’d like to share introduce the splendid Namcha Barwa to you.

Let me show the ID Card of Namcha Barwa to you. Namcha Barwa means “The Soaring Lance into the Sky”, “Burning Flame”, “Heaven in the Clouds” in the Tibetan language. When mentioned which mountain is the most beautiful in China, Namcha Barwa should be on the list. In fact, there are three most beautiful mountains in China. The first is the Yangmaiyong Snow Mountains in Yading, Sichuan. The second is the Meili Snow Mountains in Yunnan. The third is…

How to travel to Tibet

In most travelers’ opinion, Tibet is a land of snow which is hard to get. With an average altitude of four thousand meters, Tibet is surrounded by high mountains. Compared to the past, travelers have more ways to travel to Tibet. At present, there are three main ways for tourists to get to Tibet. The first way is to take a flight, the second way is to take a train, and the third way is to take an overland tour. Tourists from other countries can enter Tibet from the mainlands of China or Nepal.

From Mainlands of China

There are some major cities for travelers to get to Tibet from China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xining, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, etc. When foreigners arrive in China, they can take both train and flight.

Taking a train to Tibet is the primary choice for most travelers. Since the opening of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in 2006, the number of passengers is increasing day by day. Tibet train is famous for the charming scenery along the railway. Running o…

Secrets about Mt Kailash

With the rapid development of Tibet tourism, more and more foreigners travel to Tibet. In Tibet, you can enjoy many attractions in Tibet such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, witness the traditional Buddhism debate in Sera Monastery, and have a Tibetan natural Mt Everest expedition, etc. Among the numerous places in Tibet, there is a mysterious place which is never climbed by people - that is Mt Kailash. Today, we will uncover some hidden secrets about Mt Kailash.

With a height of 6,638 meters, Mt Kailash is a part of Gangdise – Nyenchen Tanglha range on the Tibetan Plateau. Sitting close to the four famous rivers (the Indus River, the Sutlej River, the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River) in Asia, Mt Kailash is reputed as a mystery. It is a holy mountain for four religions in the world, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Bön, and Jainism. It is said that there is an entrance for ordinary people to reach the heaven and here is the center of the world.

According to the legend, Lord S…

The Road Routes to Mount Kailash

As one of the most sacred mountain in Tibet, Mt Kailash is located in the remote area in Tibet. This is the holy area for four religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bonism. Each year, lots of pious pilgrims and Buddhists from different nations come to this holy mountain for the purpose of seeking blessings from God. This tradition can be traced back to many years ago.

There are many restrictions for travelers to travel to Tibet. For example, all foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet alone. They must book a local travel agency like Great Tibet Tour. And they cannot have a Tibet tour without Tibet Travel Permit. This permit can only be applied by your travel agency. If you want to visit Mt Kailash, you need to apply for three permits including Tibet Travel Permits, Alien’s Travel Permit, and Military Permit. These permits can be applied by your tour agency. Besides that, your tour agency will help you arrange the restaurants, hotels, and transportation for you. W…

Mount Kailash Tour

Located in the west of Gangdise Shan, Mount Kailash is a high mountain with 6,638 meters in the Kailash Range. It is close to the two famous Tibetan attractions-Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal. Standing in front of Mount Kailash, you can see the Gurla Mandata in the distance. This mountain is regarded as the most sacred mountain in many pilgrims eyes’, including the believer of the Tibetan Buddhism, Hindus and the followers of the Bön religion. Travelers are not allowed to climb to the peak because of the holiness. Pilgrims from different nations come to Mount Kailash to do kora. Walking around the holy thing like a rock, a shrine or a mountain. If you want to have a Mount Kailash tour, you can follow the four main classic ways.
Route One: Kashgar - Shiquanhe - Kailash
This route is very bleak and desolate. Travelers will stay at the highest altitude for a long time. Firstly, travelers will arrive in Kashgar city. Then they will travel through the edge of the Takla Makan desert. T…

Mount Kailash Tour

In the holy land, Tibet, Mount Kailash Tour is the most visited sacred destination. In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Both Hinduism and Buddhism recognize it as the “Center of the World”. We offer various Mount Kailash tour packages to realize travelers’ dream and help pilgrims refresh their spirits. Not allowed to be climbed, Mt Kailash can only be kora around. The kora circle is 52 kilometers long and can be completed in 3 days, it attracted numerous travelers and pilgrims to show their devotion. According to Hinduism legend, the powerful Lord Shiva lives at Kailash where he had spent his time practicing yogic austerities, making joyous love with his divine companion Parbati and smoking sacred herb marijuana. Stands 6, 638 meters above sea level, Mount Kailash is the holiest destination of pilgrimage for both Tibetans and Hindus. The 3-day trek at an average altitude of 4, 700 meters above sea level with shin air is really a test of both body and s…

Most Common Questions about Mount Kailash Tours

Tibet is never short of holy peaks. Of all the instantly-recognizable mountains, Mt. Kailash (6638m) is known as the holiest destination of Tibetan Mt. Kailash is known as the holies destination of Tibet pilgrimage tour.. Drawn by awe-inspiring mountain scenery and a palpable sense of holiness in this particular region, each year numerous global tourists flock to Darchen (4675m) to get a taste of the ultimate 3-day kora around Mt. Kailash.

1. The location of Mt.Kailash and way of getting there Considered as one of the holy mountains in the world, Kailash is to the west of Tibet of about 1300km. The road condition of western Tibet has been greatly improved in recent years so you deserve to visit Kailash if you get a holiday around 13 or 15 days. The time you spent on the road is less because of the tarred road for even cars and mini-buses.What’s more, tourists can fly to there within 3 hours because of the establishment of the new airport in western Tibet.
2. Weather Condition When people …